[thelist] dedicated server hosting

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Jul 27 14:27:18 CDT 2005

Hi Mattias,

Brian Cummiskey wrote:
> [...] currently "renting" a dual xeon box from theplanet.com and 
> couldn't be happier.   check them out.

+1 for www.theplanet.com

The new evolt site (ahem, if it ever launches :-)) is a dedicated 
machine from www.ServerMatrix.com, which is a somewhat lower-end service 
of ThePlanet's.

While we obviously haven't put much load on it, we liked their prices, 
support has been good, and the network performance and reliability are 
excellent.  Overall they are very similar to several EV1 machines I 
administer, but I always seem to be experiencing short network 
performance hiccups with my EV1 servers (from here in the NYC area). 
Maybe the slow-downs and drop-outs are in my network path to EV1 though, 
because others elsewhere seem to feel EV1's network is just fine.

In any case, EV1 is in Austin, TX (IIRC) and ThePlanet's data center is 
in Dallas, but I get much better consistent throughput (both from home 
and work) to ServerMatrix/ThePlanet.

Good luck!


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