[thelist] dedicated server hosting

patrick evolt at stoutstreet.com
Wed Jul 27 11:03:52 CDT 2005

Chris George wrote:
>>My experience:  I moved from datapipe.com due to INCONSISTENT 
>>support.  Some days they were good, others they were bad. We 
>>had dedicated servers and still didn't always get good support.  
> Truth be told, we have had some requests take longer than what we were
> expecting, but we're a pretty geeky bunch here, and were asking for a
> lot, and, when their normal response time is <15 mins, they set the bar
> for themselves _very_ high...
> So... The good definitely definitely definitely outweigh the bad (hence
> my gushing recommendation).
> Chris.

With any provider, it really is a case of managed expectations as much
as anything. We have several boxen with ev1/rackshack and are quite
pleased. Sometimes things seem to take longer, but that is often our
impatience with an emergency issue.

Considering they are UNmanaged servers, their support really is on the
ball. Just remember that the more you can do for yourself the easier
things will go for you.


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