[thelist] Hosting recommendation

Ilijevski Dalibor dalibor.ilijevski at softserbia.com
Thu Jul 28 08:16:27 CDT 2005

 Hi all,

can anyone recommend to me a good hosting company?

Currently I use godaddy.com for my company's sites. Their host services 
are not bad, but their email is disaster last few months! In the 
beginning everything was fine, and then they started to block some IP 
addresses they consider as spammers. As a result I can not receive email 
from some clients any more. Besides that their mail server is down 
frequently last few days.

My requirements:

   1. Linux
   2. PHP, MySQL
   3. I need to use mod_rewrite
   4. I must be able to set up real email addresses and forwards, ftp 
username/passwords, domain aliases, etc myself
   5. Fee up to 50$/year
   6. Reliable and professional service

I will appreciate any help and recommendation.


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