[thelist] html conversion to xhtml within php files

BJ bj at kickasswebdesign.com
Thu Jul 28 09:09:51 CDT 2005

Hey, all!

There's a php script I'd love to use on my site.  My site is written in 
xhtml/css, and I'd love to template the script the same way, but within 
the script's php files all the html, including within the "echo" 
portions, is written uppercase and in html 4.01. We're talking a couple 
dozen php files here, some of which are fairly large.  I tried 
converting a file using html tidy, which didn't work because it changed 
the dynamic urls within the a hrefs.  I tried using the convert to xhtml 
utility in dreamweaver, which worked on the actual html sections but not 
on any of the html stuff within the echo portions of the php code, which 
is a great deal of stuff in every single php file to go in and edit by 
hand. I understand that topstyle has a "convert uppercase to lowercase" 
utility, but that will probably mangle stuff within the php code that is 
uppercase and needs to stay that way, so it would have to be used in a 
highlight and convert manner, which is a scant step up from hand conversion.

Is there any program, preferably free or open source, that will do this 
easily without mangling code? I'd settle for a simple "convert uppercase 
html to lowercase html" and strip out the font, b and other old stuff 
myself if I had to.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Ciao for Now,



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