[thelist] html conversion to xhtml within php files

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Thu Jul 28 11:14:23 CDT 2005

BJ scribeva in 2005-07-28 14:09:
> Is there any program, preferably free or open source, that will do this 
> easily without mangling code? I'd settle for a simple "convert uppercase 
> html to lowercase html" and strip out the font, b and other old stuff 
> myself if I had to.

I'd probably go for regular expressions with a decent editor.

My favorite editor is free jEdit[0] and old favorite inexpensive 
EditPadPro[1], both having great reg ex tools.

Without seeing the actual code I can't give you exact regular 
expressions, but if you are new to them, a great resource is EditPad's 
author's tutorial site[2].


[0] http://jedit.org/
[1] http://www.editpadpro.com/
[2] http://www.regular-expressions.info/

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