[thelist] changing the location

Nan nan at heritageconcord.org
Thu Jul 28 18:51:01 CDT 2005

Hi Evolters,
I have a page where links to events are listed by the type of event they are
from the db table, okay that is easy, you click on the type of event, and
get a list of events, and then chose an event to look at. But now I am
trying to add a drop down box to the home page, so that you can choose the
type of event, and get to a page that lists all the events of this type.
Yeah, usually easy to do, and I can get it to work for one page of events,
but when I need to allow the viewer to scroll through several pages, I run
into trouble. The way this website is created it that there are not separate
pages with file extensions on them, there is one page called events (no file
extension) and it programmatically chooses what to present and show in the
location based on what the location is and a few other things, I am not sure
this is clear at all, but I need for the location to be events/type/1 (event
type 1) and I can't figure how how to stick the 1 there, the rest can be put
there in the action part of the form, but not the 1, since it is being
chosen in the drop down box.
To see this in action, you can go to:
and under FIND EVENT SCORES, select MGA events, there are three pages of
test results (everything is fiction for the time being). The first page
shows MGA events, and at the bottom, if you click on page 2, it then
presents all of the events in the db because it does not say type/1 at the
top, only type/
If you click on Event Scores on the left nav, by type, it shows events by
type correctly because the link has the type id.

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