[thelist] just in time javascript syntax checker

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 04:06:46 CDT 2005

Hi list,

last night I thoght something impossible "a just in time javascript
syntax checker".
Here are a few of it's specs at first glance:

1. You will load an entire web project to it with html files css images etc.
2. It will generate the apropriate parent child relationships. So say
when you type
window.open("/mypage.jsp"); some part of the ide (I don't know how)
will magically jump to mypage.jsp's javascript files (or create an
autogenerated file) where it will know about the opener, the opener's
methods, global variables, user-generated objects.
3. The script will know about itself, its functions, objects, DOM
hierarchy (it may be made configurable (IE-DOM, Mozilla-DOM, W3C 1.0
DOM etc)
4. it will produce warnings on cases like 
   if(test=2) -> "hey do you mean test==2 right, good boy."
5. when you call an unknown method it will alert that the method is
not defined on the js context and on the dom context of the page.
6. when you type opener. , mycustomobject. ,  parent. , ... etc all
the methods and properties of the object will be listed magically in a
dropdown. (guess everyone loves their favorite oo-editor's
intelli-sense property)
7. The other usual ide stuff, brace matching, quote matching, sntax
8. I am sure the list can be extended far more.

Given that javascript is a loose-typed semi-object-oriented scripting
language, and its specs even alter from platform to platform  (JScript
versus EcmaScript) imho it is either an impossible thing to do or it
will take several years to complete it. Seems like writing eclipse
from scratch and adding js-specific add-ons to it.

Have you seen a product at least approaching this?
Do you wish to add anything else to this utopia ?



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