[thelist] Bitwise Logic Tip [WAS: job (NYC - USA) Contract - .netdeveloper 4month as signment]

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Fri Jul 29 06:24:06 CDT 2005

> > Insn't this the second time you've spammed the list for your 
> > employment needs? specifically this job?
> Rob:
> I specifically asked the the e-volt website and list managers 
> whether or not it is permissible to post jobs on the list 
> while the web site is being moved.
> I was told it is permissible.

There is a difference between permissible and appropriate. It is
*permissible* for me to harrangue passers-by on Oxford Street through a
bullhorn on the subject of religion - I do not find it *appropriate* to
do so :)

So, making people aware of employment opportunities is now spam? Seems
strange to me as I know several here who might be looking for an

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