[thelist] Bitwise Logic Tip [WAS: job (NYC - USA) Contract-.netdeveloper 4month as signment]

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Fri Jul 29 07:36:21 CDT 2005

IMHO it depends on the context. Art is a recruiter - he's posting the
job opportunity to try and make a buck, not out of the goodness of his
heart. It's unsolicited email, commercial in nature - as far as I am
aware this is the definition of spam.

He did not preface the subject line with [OT], so those who do not wish
to receive off topic items cannot filter it. Even though the job
opportunity was web-related, I would personally consider this off-topic
for a discussion list - there was no discussion required, Art even
specified off-list replies. Art made no effort to post a tip, even when

The subject line was incredibly clear, and since the job is for someone
of the ilk of folks on this list I do not consider it OT. Your comments
seem short-sighted to me. If you were out of work would you not have
welcomed this posting? 

You're correct, no discussion was required, and yet you continue one.
You're also correct in that Art did not post a tip. My guess would be
that his web development skills are lacking (given his status as a
recruiter), so any tip he would have posted would have been totally OT,
unless he posted a tip about job searching for web devs.

I already receive all sorts of spam to an email address that has only
ever been exposed by me to the list. This is not a problem, as it all
has characteristics (or lack of them) which allow me to filter it. I
also get regularly contacted by recruiters, which I either accept or
contact them to have me removed from their database.

Lists like this are archived on the web and therefore expose addresses
to screen scrapers world-wide. 

If people on this list wish to receive ensolicited commercial email from
recruiters, then I am certainly not the person to deny them this. I
would however contend that a permission slip from the list owners does
not give a member carte blanche to ignore any other rules or courtesies
that one may otherwise expect from members.

Better to ask forgiveness than permission? What rules were ignored? No
tip? Again, the subject line was quite clear. He asked for permission.
He sent his announcement once. Your continuation of the discussion sans
tip could be considered considerably disconsiderate.

I would invite comment, as I would be interested to know if my opinions
above differ significantly from others on the list.

There you go. Peace.

<tip type="Testing PHP" author="Jay Blanchard">
Not sure if PHP is working or you want find out what extensions are
available to you?

Just put the following code into a file with a .php extension and access
it through your webserver:


If PHP is installed you will see a page with a lot of information on it.
If PHP is not installed (or not working correctly) your browser will try
to download the file.

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