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Chris at globet.com Chris at globet.com
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> The subject line was incredibly clear, and since the job is 

It would be naïve to assume that nobody uses filters to manage emails. The [OT] in the subject line allows such filtering. It is requested that subject lines be prefixed thus in the list guidelines (point 2)
<http://lists.evolt.org/index.php?content=listinfo>. Just because you do not mind about this does this mean that nobody else should?

> for someone of the ilk of folks on this list I do not 
> consider it OT.

The fact that it would be inappropriate if the website was up means that it is off topic, in my opinion. If it was on-topic there would be no requirement to reference the website being down as a justification for it being posted here.

> Your comments seem short-sighted to me. If 

Which comments exactly? I did not suggest that Art should not have posted a job description to the list, I simply suggested that he should have followed the list guidelines as I interpreted them. I explicitly stated that I was not arguing that such posts should not be made.

> you were out of work would you not have welcomed this posting? 

If I was out of work I would pro-actively look for a job using the internet. There are many recruitment websites out there (including the company that Art works for). I have personally found that jobserve.com is a great service for those looking for jobs. This particular job is specific to a very small proportion of people, being limited to those in the geographical area with the required skills. So: if I was out of work, I would not have welcomed this posting. As I previously stated, it's all opinion though and I would certainly not argue the case that *nobody* would welcome such a post.

> You're correct, no discussion was required, and yet you continue one.

Et tu?


> He sent his announcement once. Your continuation of the 
> discussion sans tip could be considered considerably disconsiderate.

I sense some animosity from you. *You too* continued the discussion without a tip. What is the difference between me and you in this case? Is it simply the fact that you are you and I am not?

> [snip]
> I would invite comment, as I would be interested to know if 
> my opinions above differ significantly from others on the list.
> [/snip]
> There you go. Peace.

Word up.

<tip type='T-SQL'>

If you wish to bring back a certain amount of records from a select statement within a stored procedure and you wish this number to be dynamic depending on where you are calling the stored procedure from, you can pass in a parameter and use ROWCOUNT thus:

--Parameter for number of records required
@NumberOfRecords INT

SET ROWCOUNT @NumberOfRecords


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