[thelist] IE7 Expected CSS Support

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Sun Jul 31 01:22:54 CDT 2005

the IEblog has the following post:

which, in general, says the following about the *next* IE7 beta (beta 
2), not the current one:

they have fixed the following bugs:

    * Peekaboo bug
    * Guillotine bug
    * Duplicate Character bug
    * Border Chaos
    * No Scroll bug
    * 3 Pixel Text Jog
    * Magic Creeping Text bug
    * Bottom Margin bug on Hover
    * Losing the ability to highlight text under the top border
    * IE/Win Line-height bug
    * Double Float Margin Bug
    * Quirky Percentages in IE
    * Duplicate indent
    * Moving viewport scrollbar outside HTML borders
    * 1 px border style
    * Disappearing List-background
    * Fix width:auto

and added support for the following

    * HTML 4.01 ABBR tag
    * Improved (though not yet perfect) <object> fallback
    * CSS 2.1 Selector support (child, adjacent, attribute, first-
child etc.)
    * CSS 2.1 Fixed positioning
    * Alpha channel in PNG images
    * Fix :hover on all elements
    * Background-attachment: fixed on all elements not just body

read the post to get more detail...

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