[thelist] OS opinions [was: IE7 Expected CSS Support]

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Sun Jul 31 11:29:48 CDT 2005

Mark Groen scribeva in 2005-07-31 10:31:
> The other features of Vista have already been done by Sun, Apple,
> or Google, at last M$ is catching up browser-wise too.

We all have our favorite operating systems, but I'd say that telling the 
list about our preferences or opinions on OSes is a bit off-topic, don't 
you think? I mean, that has fairly little relevance to web development, 
which is the topic of this list. Besides it could easily lead to an 
unnecessary flame war :-)


<tip type="secure forms" author="Kasimir K">

If you have forms for sending mail on your web site remember to strip 
newlines from the fields which will end up in the header of the mail 
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include arbitrary headers in the message, like multiple 'cc' fields, and 
this way use your form for spamming and other nasty purposes.


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