[thelist] Link to my site I can't fathom

Dominick Cancilla dominick.cancilla at buckconsultants.com
Mon Aug 22 10:14:31 CDT 2005

I've had an enormous increase in traffic to one of my client's sites over
the last week or so, and for the life of me I can't figure out where it's
coming from. 

I use Urchin 5 for my site stats. The vast majority of the new hits are
listed as coming from "search.yahoo.com/search". Normally I'd think that we
just got a high listing on Yahoo and that this is what is leading to the
hits. But in this case, when I look at statistics for what search terms are
being used to find my site, I see that almost 100% of these Yahoo links are
coming from searches for one specific phrase: "eating spiders while asleep".
This does relate to the content on the site, but I find it extremely
unlikely that so many people would all be searching for this subject using
exactly those words.

We've gone from an average of about 250 hits a day to more than ten times
that, so I'd really like to know where all the traffic is coming from. Can
anyone share wisdom on other things to look for in the logs that might give
me a clue what's going on? Or perhaps something I can search for on the Web
that might reveal the link that I might not have thought of?

Thanks for the help!

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