[thelist] Search script and accented characters

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Mon Aug 22 11:05:14 CDT 2005

> I have a Web site in both English and French, and I have 
> found that when 
> I try to set up a small search engine for it, most won't support the 
> accented characters of the French language, such as é, à, etc.
> Does anybody here know such an engine for free or a relatively low 
> price? Being able to configure which directories can be 
> searched would 
> be a nice bonus.
> Regards,
> Michel Munger


You could try Zoom Search by Wrensoft. It supports multiple languages, runs
on a variety of servers, etc. and is fairly cheap. You can tell it which
directories to search and which not to, and you can also exclude sections of
your page from being indexed (for example, a header or the navigation). It
will index PDFs and Flashpaper files as well as other documents such as Word
and Excel files.



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