[thelist] Link to my site I can't fathom

Scott Wehrenberg swehren at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 12:24:17 CDT 2005

On 8/22/05, Dominick Cancilla <dominick.cancilla at buckconsultants.com> wrote:
> I use Urchin 5 for my site stats. The vast majority of the new hits are
> listed as coming from "search.yahoo.com/search". Normally I'd think that we
> just got a high listing on Yahoo and that this is what is leading to the
> hits. But in this case, when I look at statistics for what search terms are
> being used to find my site, I see that almost 100% of these Yahoo links are
> coming from searches for one specific phrase: "eating spiders while asleep".
> This does relate to the content on the site, but I find it extremely
> unlikely that so many people would all be searching for this subject using
> exactly those words.

My guess is that someone with a decent amount of traffic put up a link
to the yahoo search result page for the term "eating spiders while
asleep". This lead to a lot of people "searching" for that phrase by
following that link and then landing on your site. I can't think of a
good way to find out where that link actually is, if this is the case.
Scott Wehrenberg

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