[thelist] ASP DataGrid: -Sortby Question

Casey aspnet at thecrookstons.com
Mon Aug 22 12:50:27 CDT 2005


I've got my little datagrid working with sorting.  Click enough.  However,
it's only able to sort from top-down.  If the user wants to re-sort the same
colum from bottom-up, they are out of luck.  Formulating the query is no
problem, just put a - infront of the ORDER BY variable.  But obviously
that's not good enough.  Somehow in the DataGrid_Sort sub I need to
determine thet the user has requested the same column to be sorted again,
and then make the variable passed to BindDataGrid have a - in front of it.

I'm sure someone has dealt with this before, yea?



Sub DataGrid_Sort(s As Object, e As DataGridSortCommandEventArgs)
end sub

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