[thelist] Click tracking and google pagerank

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Mon Aug 22 19:24:59 CDT 2005

can't you call a javascript with a onClick in the href tag? The link would still be a normal old plain href so search engine and non-javascript friendly, but there would just be an extra part to it that would pass the URL to the logging script. I'm sure this was discussed on thelist before, but I can't think what to search the archive for!

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>>> april at farstrider.org 18/08/2005 09:13:58 >>>
I'd like to see some statistics about what links on my site are clicked 
on the most, the least, etc.  I realize I can easily set this up by 
sending a location header from a click tracking script.

The problem is, I *do* want the sites I link to to get pagerank credit 
from my links.  It doesn't seem like a simple location header would do 
that (though I'm having a hard time finding anything saying yay or nay). 
  Does anyone know anything about search engine friendly click tracking 
scripts?  Searching isn't being very helpful.


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