[thelist] MySQL extracting a teaser from a text field

Noah St.Amand noah at tookish.net
Tue Aug 23 12:07:59 CDT 2005

Matt Warden wrote (8/22/05 6:49 PM):
> Noah St.Amand wrote:
>>>I'm trying to find the best way to extract a teaser from a text field in

Thanks everyone for your help with this. I ended up appending a "." to 
the field in the query. It may be a little hacky, but the result is 
exactly what I want.


<tip type="Procmail">
There's a bug in some versions of Procmail that causes it to chop the 
first "F" off of the initial "From" in every message it processes, when 
anything is written to stderr. If you're seeing all your messages in the 
spool but can't get at them through a mail client, this might be why.

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