[thelist] Border Disorder

Kowalkowski, Lee (ASPIRE) lee.kowalkowski at hmrcaspire.com
Wed Aug 24 06:44:14 CDT 2005

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> From: Hershel Robinson [mailto:hershelr at netvision.net.il]
> While we're on this subject, how about this page:
> http://www.mishpachaw.com/testpage.htm
> CSS: http://www.mishpachaw.com/css/main.css
> In IE Win, it looks as I want it to, with the underline under 
> the second 
> line. On FF Win, however, the underline goes right through the second 
> line, not the most pleasant look. :(
> Anyone know why this happens?

Yes, the height of your junior class is fixed to 30px, try 3em?


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