[thelist] Key ID of Record Just Created?

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 01:35:13 CDT 2005

> Provided you're not using an application server or abstraction layer that
> uses connection pooling, in which case you may be using the same connection
> for multiple queries.

afaik it depends on the pool implementation but if you are using your
connection within a global database transaction, it is guaranteed that
you use the same connection throughout the transaction.

On the java/j2ee side, if you are using bean managed transaction (the
default), each method call implicitly begins a transaction (if you
have not written your own transaction implementation or have marked
your method/object to not to use transactions at all)

I don't quite know how things are implemented on the M$ side.
Surely, Ken knows better.


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