[thelist] case statement catch-all? MSSQL

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Thu Aug 25 11:59:55 CDT 2005

Joshua Olson wrote:

> You know what's frustrating about this particular issue?  It's the lack of
> acknowledgement. 

If i'm coming across as not greatful for the help, its mistaken.  In 
previous posts to this thread, i acknowledged the help of others and 
said thanks.  If I need to to redeem myself, i'll go through my recycle 
bin and find the old messages.

  You asked a somewhat simple question, and received many
> replies... some of which were the SOLUTION to your question.  Instead of a
> "thank you", all we see is "this problem is sure hard, I'm gonna do it my
> way, even though I know my solution sucks".

That's not true at all.  In the last post i made, i asked more questions 
about the asp side vs sql side.  I'm not "set in my ways" and would 
glady do it the better way--  i'm just not sure that it IS the better 
way in the long run.

> Perhaps you oversimplified your original question, because your solution
> (the only one you seem to feel solves the issue) is completely off the deep
> end in regards to your original post.

I over simplified it because most of the stuff involved is easy to 
figure out on my own, and didn't need the help of the list to get to 
that point.  I created a concise example that's workable.

I don't know about you guys, but it bothers me and makes me not want to 
help someone when i have to sift through 50 lines of code that could 
have been trimmed to only include the problem lines in about 5 or lines. 
  It makes it easier to read, understand what's going on, and encourages 
more responses to the problem.

> Morale of the story... asking questions that actually relate to your problem
> may help you, and others, feel less frustrated.  Then, acknowledge answers
> EVEN IF they correctly answer the incorrect question.

I feel as if it is a direct coorelation between my post and the actual 
code.  Perhaps, as the thread went on, more details were needed.

Working for a company that mostly deals with external clients, I'm not 
at liberty to post the names of the tables, the fields, and the 
exactness of what's going on-- especially since this list is published 
on the web.  Our clients deserve a certain privacy, and I as a 
programmer should keep my name and questions away from the code samples 
that will be published.

And going back to the beginning, if you don't think i've acknowledged 
answers properly, well, then, I guess you're just a better human being 
than I am and asking questions back to the answer just isn't good enough.

All that said, this thread totally discouraged me from this list.

don't bother replying to this anymore...  i'm done with it.  I'll figure 
it out on my own or on another list.  Maybe i'll post back when i have a 
"harder" question that doesn't "frustrate" the list.  I don't need this, 
and appearently, the list doesn't need me either.


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