[thelist] List Server Host/Software

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Thu Aug 25 23:49:31 CDT 2005

Hi Ed,

Ed McCarroll wrote:
> Mailman would be perfect, except that my host doesn't offer it, and
> (for some strange reason) they won't give me the root access required
> to install it.
> This is a freebee I'm doing for a non-profit, so the budget is almost
> nil.  If anyone knows of a host that offers a super-cheap ($50/yr max)
> low-traffic mailman service, please let me know.

California Community Colo http://www.communitycolo.net/ offers free 
mailing list services to non-profits.  They also provide the DNS for 
evolt via www.EveryDNS.net, the brainchild of evolter and CCCP member 
David Ulevitch.  Stability and uptime are excellent, and they'll accept 
whatever donation your NPO can afford as payment.

Can't hardly beat a deal like that!


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