[thelist] JS: Resizing an image?

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Fri Aug 26 08:19:53 CDT 2005

At 03:39 AM 2005-08-26, you wrote:
>Letting the browser resize images to different sizes produces utter crap 
>with no real resampling. I would strongly encourage you to use a 
>serverside scripting language (such as PHP where resizing images is rather 
>easy) to resize the images either when the user uploads them, or on the 
>fly if necessary (more CPU intensive, but can work pretty well if there 
>are only a few images to process).

I know, but I'm not being paid enough to come up with something like that, 
including the admin side, database changes, etc... This is a quick cheap 
solutions. That's why I'm choosing this solution.

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