[thelist] how do you manage lots of websites and where do you host?

Theodore Serbinski stanson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 10:04:46 CDT 2005

Well guys, as my list of small part time clients grows, I'm battling a
problem of hosting all of these sites in one place, with one login and
not having to worry if the client has bought the hosting and received
the login info or not. Right now I just tell them where to sign up so
they can worry about the billing and I don't have to. Then they
forward me the login in stuff and I setup everything for them. But
then obviously this becomes a pain to actually administer with so many

So what do you guys do?

One idea I've stumbled upon: http://www.site5.com/index.php

WIth their mult-hosting package, I could theoretically move all of my
clients to this account so I can administer it all from one login. My
clients *never* actually login to their hosting so I don't have to
worry about that since I manage everything for them. So I'm not
actually reselling the hosting so I don't think I need a reseller
account either. But still, I'm new to this area so thoughts are

So any suggetions? Best practices? 


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