[thelist] how do you manage lots of websites and where do you host?

Anthony Ettinger apwebdesign at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 11:28:29 CDT 2005

Wow. that site5.com looks pretty good. I'm using
something similar at Neureal.com (unlimited domain
hosting, databases, etc). But the space+bandwidth
isn't nearly as good as this one (plus neureal drops
connections a lot when you have a high traffic site).

I'll have to switch to this one until I build my
dedicated colo.

--- Theodore Serbinski <stanson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well guys, as my list of small part time clients
> grows, I'm battling a
> problem of hosting all of these sites in one place,
> with one login and
> not having to worry if the client has bought the
> hosting and received
> the login info or not. Right now I just tell them
> where to sign up so
> they can worry about the billing and I don't have
> to. Then they
> forward me the login in stuff and I setup everything
> for them. But
> then obviously this becomes a pain to actually
> administer with so many
> logins.
> So what do you guys do?
> One idea I've stumbled upon:
> http://www.site5.com/index.php
> WIth their mult-hosting package, I could
> theoretically move all of my
> clients to this account so I can administer it all
> from one login. My
> clients *never* actually login to their hosting so I
> don't have to
> worry about that since I manage everything for them.
> So I'm not
> actually reselling the hosting so I don't think I
> need a reseller
> account either. But still, I'm new to this area so
> thoughts are
> welcome.
> So any suggetions? Best practices? 
> ted
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