[thelist] CSS Image-In-Box Issue

Maximillian Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Fri Aug 26 14:57:06 CDT 2005

Alan McCoy wrote:
> I'm hoping someone can show me the errors of my ways. I have a div 
> ("article") that contains two other divs -- one for the text 
> ("textfloat") and one for a thumbnail image ("imgfloat"). The way it's
> supposed to work is that the article div should contain the content of 
> the textfloat and imgfloat divs and NOT allow the image to overlap below 
> the bottom border of the article div.

If you apply float: left; on .article you will see that behavior. 
Alternatively, add a clearing element, e.g. a "clearing div" just before 
the </div> for .article.

You might benefit from sage Eric Meyer's tutorial:

> It works fine in IE, but the image hangs below the bottom in Firefox.
FF is actually more correct in this case.  On my IE6 WinXP-SP2 install, 
the bottom of your image is getting cut off (like overflow: hidden), so 
it does not appear "fine" to me!

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