[thelist] Members-only icon

Vicki Frei vkaryl at allvantage.com
Fri Aug 26 22:14:59 CDT 2005

On 8/26/2005 8:49:50 PM, M. Seyon (evoltlist at delime.com) wrote:
> Message from Maximillian Schwanekamp (8/26/2005 06:45 PM)
> >Kindofa silly question, but... I'm making icons for a client's web app,
> >and one of the little icons should indicate that a particular content
> item
> >(e.g. an article within the CMS) is for paid members only, and
> another
> >little icon should indicate "public" content.  Conceptually,
> I'm not
> >coming up with a good visual metaphor for this distinction.  Has anyone
> >been down this road, or have suggestions even if they haven't?

One of those "little guy" icons so prevalent on - is it AOL?  MSN? - anyway, 
with either a $ or a star or whatever would work with your site "feel" as to 
"member privilege" worked into the icon graphic.  16x16 is so small that you're 
really limited to stuff that's already been done so that people get the 
drift.... $ or star, or in a pinch "!" exclamation point - depends on your 
membership demographic.


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