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Anthony Ettinger apwebdesign at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 23:54:02 CDT 2005

If you had some sort of theme throughout the site that
was obvious, like a star next to premium content....

checkout www.morningstar.com (they do it by color:
purple = premium content and they use a little icon
with a purple arrow and a "+" sign - not bad, imo).


--- "M. Seyon" <evoltlist at delime.com> wrote:

> Message from Maximillian Schwanekamp (8/26/2005
> 06:45 PM)
> >Kindofa silly question, but... I'm making icons for
> a client's web app, 
> >and one of the little icons should indicate that a
> particular content item 
> >(e.g. an article within the CMS) is for paid
> members only, and another 
> >little icon should indicate "public" content. 
> Conceptually, I'm not 
> >coming up with a good visual metaphor for this
> distinction.  Has anyone 
> >been down this road, or have suggestions even if
> they haven't?  This 
> >should be something that could be illustrated in a
> 16x16 gif/png img.
> Dollar sign? May be more an indicator of premium
> content. Not sure if your 
> membership is paid.
> Padlock? Restricted access, but could be
> misinterpreted as secure, or some 
> other security connotation.
> regards.
> -marc
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