[thelist] free shared css for tables?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Sat Aug 27 09:19:52 CDT 2005

Zhang Weiwu wrote:

>I recently made an web application with very ugly interface.
>I am thinking that there must be some corner on the earth someone start
>a website or something to share their pre-designed stylesheets, for
>example, a pre designed beautiful stylesheet for table with <thead>,
><tbody>, <td/th> and <caption>.
>I googled one hour without any useful information, keywords like
>"stylesheet for table", "share your stylesheet" gives totally unrelated
>pages (most of them are pages about how to layout the webpages with
>stylesheets rather then age old <table>, others are HTML/PHp source
>sniplettes that happen to contain the word 'stylesheet' and 'table').
>Any idea?
I am getting fainted now, now I am reading perahps number 50 google
result but still not a single stylesheet to beautify a real tabular
table. And then I come across this:

I am going to faint. He modified pure tabular table into something none
table. Why the css community share such deep passion against tables (my

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