[thelist] free shared css for tables?

Rich Points rich at richpoints.com
Sat Aug 27 11:11:56 CDT 2005

I'm at the beginning phase of a new design and I've created a basic 
layout in CSS here http://richpoints.com/1.php  I set up the same layout 
using tables and CSS here http://richpoints.com/2.php Have a look at the 
style sheet here http://richpoints.com/1tables.css  This should give you 
the basic idea of you style tables.

On a general note, tables are antiquated, sounds like you've found that 
out from your research.  CSS is the future and it's worth taking some 
time and learning the basics.  One of the best sites out there for 
learning practical CSS techniques is http://www.alistapart.com/

Happy coding



Zhang Weiwu wrote:

>I recently made an web application with very ugly interface.
>I am thinking that there must be some corner on the earth someone start
>a website or something to share their pre-designed stylesheets, for
>example, a pre designed beautiful stylesheet for table with <thead>,
><tbody>, <td/th> and <caption>.
>I googled one hour without any useful information, keywords like
>"stylesheet for table", "share your stylesheet" gives totally unrelated
>pages (most of them are pages about how to layout the webpages with
>stylesheets rather then age old <table>, others are HTML/PHp source
>sniplettes that happen to contain the word 'stylesheet' and 'table').
>Any idea?
>P.S. just if you feel curious: see how ugly my current page is:

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