[thelist] label on search box?

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Sat Aug 27 19:24:53 CDT 2005

so all input elements should have a label for accessibility, right, but what I wonder is where should you put the label on the search field?

many websites use the format:

Search  |______________|  [ Go ]

and here it is obvious that you put the label on the word search. But Jakob Nielsen recommends that all websites use the format:

 |______________|  [ Search ]

so where do you put the label on that? You can't put it on the submit button. Is there is something else you can put in the input box to be the text alternative if there is no text to make into the label. Or is a label/alternative not necessary if you only have one input box and a submit button with value="Search".


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