[thelist] now a further topic, a table widget! (thank you everybody for the table css, especially Mark Groen)

张韡武 zhangweiwu at realss.com
Sat Aug 27 22:21:51 CDT 2005

Hello. The table css problem is solved now. Thank you for everbody who
helped me.

See how much better it is now:


Also I now start to write the server secript (yes, in PHP) to manage column
selection. A user should be able to select what columns to see on a list
table like that (when there are several dozens of columns for selection). I
come up with an idea that perhaps someone already wrote this kind of thing,
I mean, a widget, this widget perhaps can show a selection part of a very
big table, and provide the user the ability to change column organizatio
on-demond and ask the server for the new part of table. E.g. user can simply
select to add one column from a drop-down column list, and the widget ask
the server to return a new table containing this new column. My English is
not so good and I hope I made it clear.

If someone happen to know a good table widget (could be in javascript),
please let me know:)
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