[thelist] Shopping Cart

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Sun Aug 28 07:19:45 CDT 2005

The ideal for me would be a low-cost shopping cart that has a CSS-based 
layout skin available. My stores are generally small and do not require 
advanced features--they prefer indeed a smaller price tag.

zencart and cubecart both fit the bill, but have two drawbacks--AFAIK 
both require customers to create an account (including responding to a 
verification email) before purchasing, and both won't run on a Windows 
server. The Windows issue is minor (a new host can be found) but 
requiring an account is a minus, as my client feels (and may be correct) 
that we will lose customers who aren't interested in making the effort 
to create and verify an account.

oscommerce as well AFAIK requires the creation of an account.

x-cart does not require such, and it runs fine on Windows. I actually 
have built 2 stores recently with x-cart and the major complaint I have 
is that I find the basic templates very difficult to work with--they are 
a mess of nested tables and <font> tags and inline JavaScript and 
embedded <script> tags etc.

Does anyone have any suggestion for a better shopping cart?


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