[thelist] a vertical line with div/css question!!

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Tue Sep 6 13:52:52 CDT 2005

> hi...
> i'm curious as to how i could easily create a vertical line 
> between the
> 'left area/right area' of the below diagram.


> i've looked through various sites/information but didn't find 
> anything that
> gave me what i'm looking for. although i did run across some 
> people who've
> apparently had a similar problem!!
> any pointers/solutions would be helpful.
> thanks
> -bruce


Take a look at the CSS-D Wiki concerning 2 column layouts. Essentially, if
you want an any column longest layout, as you've indicated, your border will
end up being a background image for a containing div.



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