[thelist] js widget for ordered selection?

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 03:25:31 CDT 2005

> Hello. Is there somewhere a wiget I can implement in my application that
> I call ordered-multi-selection?
> Here is the effect I wish I can achieve (screenshot took from evolution)
> gopher://sappho.realss.com/I9/three_months/Screenshot.png
> It is like this:
>     * you can select multiple entries and selected entries will
>       disappear from left side and go to the right side
>     * you can remove items fro right side and they reappear in the left side
>     * you can adjust the order of the items on the right side.
> Googled around a bit, not so lucky...

This is one of the things I keep developing from scratch, too. Surely
Hotscripts will have some though, possibly also with really bad old
code  :)

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