[thelist] grounding + shorts (installing hardware)

April april at farstrider.org
Thu Sep 8 00:50:14 CDT 2005

You're looking for the motherboard directly touching metal ANYWHERE. 
The screws and risers holding the motherboard in should be directly 
against the little contacts around the screwholes meant for them. 
Common reasons are putting in more risers than the motherboard had 
screwholes for or a spare misplaced screw getting lost behind the 

Unfortunately, after the obvious, things can get really flaky.  By not 
grounding yourself while working with the board in the first place, it 
can fry the motherboard, which would have no visible signs.  The 
motherboard might have just arrived broken, too, or been killed by a 
power surge.  Any piece of hardware in the computer can be causing the 
short... I once had a short caused by a 4.99$ computer case fan.  From 
here, it becomes a big case of trial and error, pulling out hardware or 
substituting in other hardware and seeing if it works after that.

If the computer is working with a new motherboard, the most likely 
culprit is the motherboard didnt' work in the first place.  Grounding is 
  important but isn't an automatic kill for every mishandled motherboard 
(just a few).  Look into RMAing it.

Anthony Ettinger wrote:
> Just bought:
> ASUS K8V-X motherboard
> AMD Semperon 3000+
> 1 Gig Corsair Ram (pc3200) 512mbx2
> eVGA nVidia FX5200 128Mb Video Card
> However, I'm not getting a "post beep" when I bootup.
> Fans and drives are powered, and motherboard light is
> on, but no video signal, and no post beeps.
> Local computer shop said it was a defective
> motherboard (worked with new MB). I also read about
> grounding myself may be the problem, not sure how to
> do this though.
> Any ideas on looking for shorts on the motherboard?
> Not sure what to look for.
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