[thelist] js widget for ordered selection?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Thu Sep 8 01:46:56 CDT 2005

Christian Heilmann wrote:

>On 9/7/05, VOLKAN ヨZヌELンK <volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Yes I managed to open it with ff.
>>Not to divert the discussion but yet another curios question:
>>A definition I find says that gopher 
>>"a system that pre-dates the World Wide Web for organizing and
>>displaying files on Internet servers. A Gopher server presents its
>>contents as a hierarchically structured list of files. With the
>>ascendance of the Web, many gopher databases were converted to Web
>>sites which can be more easily accessed via Web search engines."
>>So is there a reason to prefer gopher server to an http server? In
>>order words, does gopher have some advantages over http, or is it just
>>another protocol?
>Traditional reasons? I cannot think of anything else. Much like usenet
>is still the place to be for some people instead of forums.
Years ago I wrote a script to upload local file to gopher server and
timely remove my single small files from gopher server, often just an
screenshot or a piece of source, and by that time gopher server is so
easy to setup on my router - computer and IE works with it (now IE
doesn't work with it because several cracker developed a way to break IE
by a specially designed gopher server and thus MS people shutdown gopher
support), config file is only one or two options long (cannot recall).
And the computer has been runing years with its MMX processor and old
Linux kernel, there is no reason not to use it. Yes the script I used
for years (script for monthly, weekly and daily clean old gopher files
to leave space for new ones) but there is no realy good reason why I
start to write a new script. Maybe there is a good reason because people
talk about gopher more then my original topic which is about a future
web widget that is still not well developed today:)

I'll not have to explain this when my good old gopher server is finally
old enough and broken. Then I would like to start to use today's new
technique that sometimes get called 'enterprise resource distribution
server' with some 400,000 lines of source and it is really powerful.

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