[thelist] Survey Software

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Sep 8 09:57:11 CDT 2005

I have a LAMP site, to which we could like to add the ability to conduct 
surveys. We have for sure one survey now of around 60 questions. I am 
looking ideally for a PHP-based package with some sort of editable 
template so that the survey pages can match the rest of our site easily.

I have found these three options thus far:


This seems to be the most full-featured one, based on a brief 
examination of their site and demos. The interface seems good both for 
the admin and the surveys. Seems complicated which generally implies a 
lot of functionality.

This package has templates and claims HTML/CSS validity, which is also a 


Their web site is quite unimpressive and the interface for the sample 
surveys also is mildly unimpressive. Could be the internals are very 
good, however and it could be made to look good. The demo itself has PHP 
errors, which is a bit of a turnoff.

http://www.proxy2.de/scripts.php  [  Advanced Poll 2.0.3  ]

The sample polls include only one question. Maybe polls could have more. 
  I have a feeling that 'poll' however means one question and 'survey' 
means more than one.

At this point, phpSurveyor seems to me clearly to be the best of these 
three, but I am looking for input from anyone regarding these packages 
or a different solution.

A commercial solution is also an option, if it could be determined to 
actually be worth the purchase price. :)


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