[thelist] How to hide blocks of code on a page from being picked up by the search engines - Can it be done?

Bruce Gilbert webguync at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 17:05:43 CDT 2005

 I was asked if this could be done and how and I am not sure. If you want to 
hide a particular block of content within a two column layout, say for 
instance within a div, from the search engines picking this up, can it be 
done and how? I know with includes, the code gets displayed when you view 
source, so I guess the SE would pick that up? (include content). How bout' 
Iframes, does that get picked up? The only thinkg I have ever done to 
exclude content from being picked up by the search engines is to alter the 
meta tags, but that was for the whole page, and not just a particular block 
of content.
 Any insight into this is greatly appreciative!

::Bruce Gilbert- www.inspired-evolution.com<http://www.inspired-evolution.com>::

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