[thelist] RE: Problems with CSS positioning

Matthias Willerich matthias at die-legendaeren.de
Fri Sep 9 02:06:20 CDT 2005

Did you try centering your stuff with margin-auto instead of left:50%-and
half the width?

I remember that I had massive problems with the approach you're using on a
macIE. Maybe that was down to me not understanding the limitations, but it
broke it completely.

Also, you might want to revise the buttons on the left-hand navi, they do
some funny re-appearing thing on rollover in IE.
Looking at your setup, it seems you have a lot of positioning going on, when
you could probably float most things. And, with this great clearfix method:
it's really easy to handle.

And, if I may throw in my two cents, just drop macIE from your list of
browsers. It's so old, and needs a lot of time fixing css. I think, if MS
doesn't believe in it any more, and that's already 2 years ago, why the
hassle? Of course, it's nice if it works, but please no sleepless nights
because of that 0.6% of people not using safari or some mozilla instead.

That was probably either not what you asked for or more than that, but I
hope it helps.


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