[thelist] Passing a very large data session-wide.

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Sep 9 07:47:27 CDT 2005

VOLKAN ÖZÇELIK better described his ...
>>Passing a very large data session-wide.
... issue:

Hi Volkan!

Storing the individual customer reports in the session object?

Why not batch the reports to a secure directory structure 
and then use the session object to maintain authentication, 
(after login), for access to the appropriate file(s) instead?  

I guess I'm not seeing the reason for storing the data itself 
in the session object. What purpose does that have?

[If you charge 'per view', then surely you could run your billing 
off the log files.]

<a different alternative />
Ummm ... Just for the record, there are prepackaged report 
writer solutions that handle things like this.

IIRC one of the major US stock exchanges, (NYSE?, AMEX?), used 
to use a package called Brio to {batch} create thousands of web 
accessible client reports on a daily basis.  [And I kinda doubt 
your security (no pun intended) / legal requirements are stricter 
than theirs.]



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