[thelist] grounding + shorts (installing hardware)

Mike Hopkins ironmike at inav.net
Sat Sep 10 10:34:51 CDT 2005

One guy metnioned a bracelet i can wear for grounding
(no friggin' idea how this makes any sense), but they
were out of stock none-the-less.

It's just a matter of time before someone tells me I
have to get extra long battery cables and hook one end
up to my nipple, and the other end to the microwave,
while wearing an aluminum mixing bowl on my head -
otherwise i could damage the motherboard.


Aluminum foil works as well as an aluminum bowl -- just have several layers
folded together. It probably would not be a good idea to wear your new hat
on the bus, though.

Also, if the nipple clamp isn't comfortable you could try a 6 inch probe in
a certain dark, wet place that i wouldn't go into...

Really, the wrist strap is connected to a wire that needs to have the other
end connected to something you KNOW is grounded, such as a cold water pipe,
green wire connection on a properly wired electrical circuit, etc.

Yes that does mean wiring yourself to an electrical outlet....

Or just **be careful** and don't worry about grounding.

Mike Hopkins
ironmike AT inav.net

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