[thelist] Cisco 2600 router IP address? Setting up & configuring?? WIC1ADSL cards???? PLEASE HELP

Jon Ambrose jon.ambrose at btopenworld.com
Sun Sep 11 04:19:57 CDT 2005

Can anyone out there HELP please - recently purchased a second user cisco
2600 router and am trying to log on to it but do not know the default IP
address for it - can anyone help by providing thsi information as well as
the default password orthe port that it would ususally talk thorugh

Also, if anyone is a Cisco guru there might be a bit of work in this as we
are using it to give customers VOIP capabilities and have limited knowledge
of Cisco configuration. Any one interested??

We are also looking to buy 2 x WIC ADSL cards to install in it too?? And can
you source it at a very good price as well??

Anyone got any experience with this and if so please advise - please advise
what you would charge to install & configure this too and also if you have
the two WIC cards required what you would charge for those too?

Cheers big time in advance
Jon Ambrose
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