[thelist] CSS problems (Rendering problems with http://www.mansioncats.de/home.html)

pandy pandion at gmx.net
Sun Sep 11 16:16:14 CDT 2005

Jakob Dölling wrote:
>I am having following problem: The page in question is formatted with CSS.
>In Mozilla 1.8b1 the page does draw a black bar top of the picture, which
>according to the source should not be there. In IE does this not happen;
>the page is rendered correctly. How do I get rid off this ugly black bar in


It seems like IE draws a border on top of the background image. Browsers 
like Mozilla and Opera do not. You have positioned the background 25px down 
and in to fix the problem in IE. That creates a problem in the other browsers.

For an easy fix I suggest that you remove the background and padding from 
.blaurahmen. Then give the <div align="center"> an id or class and apply 
the background (w/o positioning) to that instead. Use padding here too if 

You probably want to update the doctype a little too. While you are at it, 
it makes sense to choose a doctype that triggers Standards Mode to get as 
consistent rendering as possible between browsers..

Hope that works out now :-)

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