[thelist] wordpress-mysql step one

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Mon Oct 17 01:20:46 CDT 2005

dwain alford wrote:

> first question.  i have xampp installed locally for testing a blog i am 
> about to launch.  should i create a database first in the mysql module 
> before installing wordpress?  

yes.  you will need to specify the name of the database in 
wp-config.php.  see also the instructions

> and should the database name reflect the 
> domain name since the blog will be the domain?

doesn't matter

> second question.  the 5 minute install instructions says to upload 
> everything.  where do i place the wordpress folder on my hard drive? 
> should it be in the htdocs folder in the xampp program folder?

put the Wordpress folder in as a subdirectory of your htdocs folder.

> third question.  when i install wordpress on my server, it will be the 
> main folder for the domain, not a sub-domain; should i name the folder 
> the domain name?

Codex has instructions on how to set up wordpress to do this.  In short, 
you will copy index.php and wp-config.php from the wordpress folder into 
the htdocs folder.  Don't mess with this until AFTER you have Wordpress 
installed and working correctly.


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