[thelist] php question - changing one form value based on selectchoice

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Mon Oct 17 20:22:38 CDT 2005

If this is server-side can't you just do a switch based on the select item value?

Case '8':
	$price = '$8.00';

	// Etc etc

If it's client side:

You can use an event attribute (onchange / onselect - .jeff feel free to shoot me anytime...) 
To trigger some kind of functiuon like this:

	if(selectedItem.value == '8'){
		document.getElementById('myHiddenFormShhhhh').value = '$8.00';



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I think this might possible, but can't think of how to do it (and can't find an accurate search phrase). What I want is to have a form with a select list, and based on which option is selected, to send a specific hidden value with the other values when the form is submitted. So if, for example, Large is selected from the Size list, then a hidden field giving price of $10 is sent, but if Small is selected, then the hidden field is sent assigning price of $8.00. 

Jeniffer C. Johnson


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