[thelist] wordpress-mysql step one

dwain alford dwain.alford at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 01:34:40 CDT 2005

Steve Lewis wrote:
> dwain alford wrote:
>> first question.  i have xampp installed locally for testing a blog i 
>> am about to launch.  should i create a database first in the mysql 
>> module before installing wordpress?  
> yes.  you will need to specify the name of the database in 
> wp-config.php.  see also the instructions

i created a database in myphpadmin.  i set the database name in the 
config file.  i am using the defaults for the program so there is no 
password.  i saved the file as a .php, but it is a text file.  the other 
.php files do not have the text file icon. is this proper behavior?

>> second question.  the 5 minute install instructions says to upload 
>> everything.  where do i place the wordpress folder on my hard drive? 
>> should it be in the htdocs folder in the xampp program folder?
> put the Wordpress folder in as a subdirectory of your htdocs folder.

i did a drag and drop to the htdocs folder.  when i paste the following 
command: /wp-admin/install.php, i don't get the promised password and a 
send-off to the login page.  i know i'm missing something here.  how do 
i get the browser to find the install.php file?  it seems like 
additional address information should go in front of the /wp-admin..., 
but i don't have a clue what it would be to point the browser to the 
install file.


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