[thelist] .NET, XML, XSL and .xls

Zeljko Dakic mlist at dakic.com
Tue Oct 18 09:08:42 CDT 2005

This is not what you asked but if you generate csv and call it 
something.xls Excel will be happy to open like any other excel file. You 
have a limited formatting though which is why in some cases you need 
specialized libraries.

Does this helps?


Christian Heilmann wrote:

>Is there a .NET class out there that creates an Excel sheet from an
>XML and a XSL? We have an application that does that but the resulting
>XML is only readable in Excel 2003 (as it is not and xls). Now I
>wonder if there is a class that cleverly uses COM to generate a real
>Kinda urgent, too, and no, it was not me who initially thought the
>XML/XSL route was a clever one.
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