[thelist] .NET, XML, XSL and .xls

Simon Perry thelist at si-designs.co.uk
Tue Oct 18 09:50:49 CDT 2005

Christian Heilmann wrote:

>>This is not what you asked but if you generate csv and call it
>>something.xls Excel will be happy to open like any other excel file. You
>>have a limited formatting though which is why in some cases you need
>>specialized libraries.
>>Does this helps?
>Nah, they want it pwetty...
>I found a Java API we _could_ try on the command line[1], but shirley
>there has to be something in .NET?
A quick google for ".NET excel COM" turns up this tutorial on page one
of the results


Seems to outline the basic aproach but then again I'm not a .NET



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