[thelist] wordpress-mysql step one

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Wed Oct 19 00:57:26 CDT 2005

I am coaching from memory here, and I don't remember exactly what the 
install.php page does in what order, but I remember the general process.

dwain alford wrote:

> i created a database in myphpadmin.  i set the database name in the 
> config file.  i am using the defaults for the program so there is no 
> password.  i saved the file as a .php, but it is a text file.  the other 
> .php files do not have the text file icon. is this proper behavior?

It should have the same icon as all the other PHP files.  I will bet you 
are running in Windows.  I will also bet that you have Windows Explorer 
running in it's default I-am-a-dummy mode, which munges file extensions, 
ostensibly to protect you from yourself...

<thematrix>Time to choose.  Do you take the red pill or the blue 
pill?</thematrix> :)

The Red Pill (aka, how to see real file names):

  Right click the Start button
  click 'Explore'
  click 'Tools' -> 'Folder Options'
  click 'View' tab
  in the 'Advanced settings' area turn OFF the 'Hide extensions for 
known file types' setting.  This setting is arguably the dumbest idea 
Microsoft ever had.  I would recommend looking at the other options here 
too, and seeing if there is anything else you want to toggle.

Now go back to your wp-config.php.txt file ... or whatever it is REALLY 
called, and rename it properly.

> i did a drag and drop to the htdocs folder.  when i paste the following 
> command: /wp-admin/install.php, i don't get the promised password and a 
> send-off to the login page.  i know i'm missing something here.  how do 

Never mind the email for a second.  I am more interested in knowing if 
wordpress is installing correctly or not.  Receiving the email message 
presents a separate failure point.

Do you get a 404 or other error, or do you get the promised WP config 
page?  Look at your database in phpmyadmin.  Do you see any tables in 
the wordpress database?  How many tables, if any, do you find?

> i get the browser to find the install.php file?  it seems like 

Look at something like:

This should give you the "welcome to Xampp, it works" type of message. 
This is pointing at the index file in the htdocs directory.  If this 
works as described, look at a URL which looks vaguely like:


this assumes that install.php lives in .../htdocs/wordpress/wp-admin/


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